beautifully structured post-modernist piece… hugely entertaining
The Guardian (Sampled) ****

It’s a sweet piece of meta-theatre, a show about a show. It’s also a love song to an art form Pinchbeck believes he will be leaving, a tender goodbye to an audience he feels he can no longer reach.
What’s On Stage (Sampled) ****

elegantly structured, thought-provoking and coolly resonant…
Exeunt Magazine ****

The End loops around itself and triggers all sorts of associations. Just as it doesn’t have a start, the end is blurred. It’s funny and thought provoking. It’s a shame it’s the end. If it is the end?
The Public Reviews *****

A compelling and intellectual piece
The Scotsman ***

The two performers guide us gently through this beautiful and slightly melancholy piece as they head tirelessly towards an end that will only ask them to begin again.
What’s On Stage ****

genius… a beautiful spectacle…
Broadway Baby ****

Let’s hope this isn’t their swansong.
Three Weeks ****

beautifully controlled performances… absorbing…
Nottingham Evening Post


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